Help bring Labour4Clause4 to Labour Party conference 2019 – donate today!

Delegates at this year’s Labour Party conference will be debating whether to bring back Clause 4, Labour’s commitment to common ownership and socialist policies. Help the Labour4Clause4 campaign in organising a presence at the conference.


Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party is being transformed. The possibility of bringing a radical Labour government to power is within our grasp.

The Labour4Clause4 campaign has been launched by grassroots Labour members to restore the socialist aims of the party, as incorporated in the original Clause Four.

This famous clause committed Labour to:

“Secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry and the most equitable distribution thereof on the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange and the best possible popular administration.”

This was the Labour Party’s socialist pledge. It was later abolished by Tony Blair in 1995, who replaced it with support for the ‘rigours’ of competition and the ‘virtues’ of the market – in other words, for support for capitalism.

Resolutions  will be on the agenda of this year’s Labour Party conference that aim to remove this stain and reintroduce the original socialist Clause Four.

As part of the campaign, Labour4Clause4 is launching an appeal to raise money and fund an official stand and fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference, taking place in Brighton in September 2019.

With a presence inside the conference, we will be able to discuss with other conference attendees and delegates, and maximise the campaign’s impact.

We are therefore appealing for £3,500 to cover the main costs, which include:

– £1,900 for the cost of a stall that measures 3m x 1m
– £180 for a stall banner
– £180 for a featured listing
– £590 for travel and accommodation
– £600 for a hall booking for campaign rally / conference fringe meeting

We are also offering gifts for those who donate:

– Donations of £5 or above will receive a Restore Clause Four badge.
– Donations of £25 or above will receive a colour Clause Four t-shirt.
– Donations of £50 or above will receive a signed copy of In the Cause of Labour, a history of the British labour movement, written by Labour4Clause4 campaign co-ordinator Rob Sewell and recommended by Tony Benn.
– Donations of £100 or above will receive all three items!

Please donate today and help us to bring back Clause Four and fight for a socialist Labour government.