Clause 4 campaign given warm welcome at PCS conference

The Labour4Clause4 campaign held another successful union fringe meeting, this time at the PCS annual conference in Brighton on 22nd May.

Julian Sharpe, chair of PCS UKEF branch (speaking in a personal capacity), highlighted how, with the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, now was a historic opportunity to put socialism back on the agenda.

Julian was speaking hours after John McDonnell had got a standing ovation at the conference after saying that an election of a Corbyn-led Labour government would mean:

“…a socialist going into Number 10, and if he appoints the right person, a socialist going into Number 11…

“We want an economy which is prosperous and environmentally sustainable but where that prosperity is shared by everybody. There’s a word for it – it’s called socialism.”

Rob Sewell, speaking on behalf of the Labour4Clause4 campaign, explained how – with the bosses’ system in crisis – it is not possible to patch up capitalism in the interest of working people. Clause 4 needs to be reinstated into Labour’s constitution and then acted upon.

A wide-ranging discussion followed, dealing with the question of reform vs revolution.

With PCS gearing up for a ballot of civil service members to approve a programme of strike action over pay, the militant mood must be reflected both on the industrial and political front.

Many delegates at the conference signed up to the campaign in support of Clause 4, joining the many other trade union and Labour Party activists in demanding a return to a clear socialist commitment.

This marks another important step forward for the campaign to restore Clause 4.